How to compile freesteam

Building version 2.0

The following instructions have been tested with version 2.0 on Windows XP (32 bit), Ubuntu Karmic, and Mac OS X 10.5. In addition to this page, please also read README.txt, which you should have received in the source code tarball.

To build freesteam you will need to have Python, SCons, and SWIG, GSL and the GCC compiler installed on your system. On Windows, you should use the MinGW toolset, together with MSYS for the command line (and make sure you have got c:\Python26 and c:\Python26\Scripts and the location of SWIG present in your PATH). Some binaries for GSL are available to save you extra compiling: for Mac OS X and for Windows.

  1. Download the source code tarball from the freesteam files page on
  2. Unpack the tarball using freesteam-2.0.tar.bz2
  3. Enter the source directory using cd freesteam-2.0
  4. Build the package using scons

On Windows, the binary installer can be generated if you have got NSIS installed on your system. Use scons installer to generate it. On Mac OS X, the installer package can be generated using PackageMaker. Follow the instructions in the macosx subdirectory.

On Linux and Mac, you can install the package to /usr/local by typing scons install. If you want to change installed file locations, check the scons command-line parameters using scons -h.

To test the resulting library, type scons test && ./test. A range of test results will be reported back via the commandline.

At this stage, freesteam has not been tested with Microsoft, Intel, Borland or any otherr compilers. If you would like to try, and report the results, please let us know. LogoJohn Pye
Last modified: 25 February 2013